Frequently Asked Questions

The Road to the Hearthstone World Championship promises to be action-packed, offering players the chance to forge their own unique stories at the dueling tables. Climb the Ranked Play ladder, duel at tournaments both online and in-person, and secure your spot at the Hearthstone World Championship!

Can I compete with two different BattleTags in Ranked Play?

The terms of the EULA must be followed at all times. If an individual has two eligible BattleTags, each BattleTag earns points individually. Points earned in sanctioned tournaments or cups will be awarded to the BattleTag that was used in that competition. When it is time to check for eligibility in the Last Call Tournament or Regional Qualifier, an individual player may only compete with one qualifying BattleTag and will use the points earned by only that BattleTag.

Will January Ranked Play Season give points toward this?

Yes. All months of 2015 up until the closure point will have points allocated to them.

My country is not listed in the eligible countries list, what can I do?

If the country where you are a citizen or the country you currently reside and work in is not eligible, then you unfortunately cannot compete in the Australia and New Zealand leg of the Hearthstone World Championship this year. You may be eligible in another region. Please visit the Hearthstone Announcement thread to check.

I’m a citizen in one eligible country and have a valid work visa in another eligible country. Where do I compete?

The Regional Qualifier that you will compete in corresponds to your account’s country. If this is not set to the country you wish to compete in, you must update the account’s country of residence prior to competing.

I have moved countries since I created my account. How do I update it?

Please contact our customer service team to begin the process of updating your account credentials.

Can I compete in Ranked Play from a region that isn’t where players of my country normally play?

Yes, you can compete in any Ranked Play to earn points for your BattleTag. For each season, you will earn points based on the best ranking in any region that you placed in the top 100. You will not be able to earn points from two or more regions in the same season.

I’m from Australia and my collection is on Americas, but I will compete in the Asia-Pacific Championship. How will I compete with players from Korea using different collections?

At onsite events, to provide an even playing field for all competitors, players will be provided accounts that include all currently available cards for that tournament.

I’m a Hearthstone event organizer. How do I make sure my event can award points to players?

Email us! We can also provide assets to help support your broadcasts and share additional insights so that your event can be as successful as possible.

What do I do if I have a question which has not been answered here?

If you are unable to find the answer to a question please email us at and we will respond as quickly as possible. Your question may even make its way to this FAQ!